unfolding based on matter properties

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unfolding based on matter properties

Unread post by Ariel »

hello guys?

In TopSolid'fold you can create an unfold or flat patter bassed in some norms like neutral fiber, some DIN norms, theorical and some interesting rules, but how to create a flat pattern based on material properties?

For example when I have a a sheet metal part of stainless steel with a thickness of 6 mm., when I want to create a flat pattern. normally I need to define a value of neutral fiber, but this value is defined for the material and thickness. Can TopSolid'Fold to create the flat pattern of my part without selecting one "generic" norm and just indicating to him that my part is stainless steel with 6 mm. For example in this case the neutral fiber is not 0.5, could be 0.486 if you take some books or tables. Can TopSolid do it in automatic mode?

I am not talking about tables, because you can create a table in TS'Fold, I am talking about material properties, because if TopSolid can not do it. Why to define a part? if the matter is not taken in account for the calculation of the flat pattern. It is clear?


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Unread post by Vincent »

yes your question is clear.

As you said , solution is eithier in Tables (the more accurate) or in manually chosing neutral fiber position.

There is no predefined value linked to material.

The best you have to to is to define simple tables with 0 and 180 degres line with you value and interpolation selected.
(neutral fiber mode for computation is available from 2007 version)
this will make the effect you desire.
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