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parameter suggestion drop-down list

Unread post by quazoosl » Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:22 pm

To make it more clear what is meant with a parameter and/or expression, it is a good habit to make parameters a bit more expressive than just 1,2, or 3-letter combinations. (good code hardly needs documentation). Currently, this is not so easy, because it is not straightforward which parameters are already in the document, and you'll only find out if typo's are made upon completion.

Getting a list with all the parameters in the document, that start with the letters that are allready typed (selecting with keyboard arrows and autocompleting on hitting [tab]) would be awesome.

Basically like excel does it. If you have parameters like rad_int, rad_ext and rad_moulding. Selecting a dimension would select the entire dimension (including the unit), and upon typing "rad" you would get an alphabetically sorted drop-down list:

Code: Select all

rad_ext (highlighted)
upon needing rad_int hit down Arrow and then [tab]
This can also work inside expressions etc.

No typo's, no wondering if the parameter was already defined or not, and more speed. This is basically how for example Excel (or any decent code editor for that matter) does it.

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