Tool rev/mn speed changing

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Tool rev/mn speed changing

Unread post by jouhou » Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:14 pm

hello all, again.

My next question pertains to defining the cutter/tool spindle speeds. I have found atleast two separet locations where one can change the spindle speeds.. however the Operations list seems to read only one of these locations and ignore the other location. The problem is that the location from where the Operations list seems to be reading its info from doesnt allow for any changes to take place. (well actually it seems to allow inputs but they will not be saved For some ANNOYING unexplainable reason the default speed is 9999 rev/mn.

below are a couple screen shots that hopefully will help explain the problem..

"Other way.jpg" demonstrates where I open the "Roughing slot mill revs.jpg" Here the 9999 rev/mns seems to always return , like a bad penny and this is the default speed for said tool whenever I use said tool.. And always I have to manually change the spindle a speed from under the Operations list from said operation, everysingletime and everyseparate operation.. At this point its actually easier and faster to do said changes directly into the NC code.. If I remembered how many tool changes there are and the proper speeds for eah tool. But doing the changes manually ionto the code isnt exactly 2012.. or is it?

The easier location to change the spindle speeds (which will have no effect on the actual machining)is under the Tools unit window under the Tool changer Tab (Tools unit.jpg) and right clicking the said tool and--> edit. whence one can also affect spindle speeds.. AND save the settings as well! But these dont seemt o work.

So Am I the only one having this problem? And if there are other lost souls such as I, hey, lets get together and share our sad stories? :wink:
Roughing slot mill revs.jpg
other way.jpg
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Unread post by Christopher » Thu Mar 01, 2012 7:26 pm

Hi again,

there is a max rpm of 9999 defined in your machine template.
This value must be changed in the machine definition. I think it will be the best, if you contact your local reseller to do this.

It is the same for the Feedrate and the RPM of other tool units.

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