TopSolid integration with Ansys Workbench

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TopSolid integration with Ansys Workbench

Unread post by Ariel » Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:27 am

I think that very few people uses TopSolid'Castor in the international market, the best thing is to create a specific topic for TopSolid integrated with Ansys. There is not post in this forum for Castor, I am the only guy in 4 months.

The integration between TopSolid and Ansys is wonderfull, in this moment I am usign TopSolid 6.8.216 with Ansys 11.0 and all is working in a perfect way, Ansys can detect in automatic mode an assembly generated in TopSolid and can create a mesh for all the assembly creating an special mesh for contacts with just 1 click.

TopSolid and Ansys is the answer for Finite Element Analisys. More powerfull than other CAD/CAE solutions, because we can integrate some specific analisys like accoustic, thermoelectric, CFD combined with structural non linearities, all in an associative environment.

Anybody is usign TopSolid with Ansys Workbench? I know than DCN in France is usign the booth software with excellent result, I want to exchange some experience in finite element analisys based on geometrical models generated in TopSolid'Design

Interesting could be to discuss about non linearities phenomenas like hyper elasticity and non linear buckling or about finite volume analisys for CFD simulations (Fluid dynamics) and the itirative process behind this kind of simulations.

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Unread post by TNO » Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:17 pm

Hi Ariel,

Can you tell me how to combine Ansys with TopSolid?
We have a 1 month license to try the TopSolid plugin in combination with Ansys.
When I open TopSolid and draw a box and then select ansys workbench from drop down meny and then try to 'import active CAD data' within ansys file meny, nothing happens.
For some reason Ansys doesn't recognize or 'see' the active CAD data.

What are your exact steps to import active CAD data into Ansys?


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