[Solved] Multicavity function

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Matt Berube
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[Solved] Multicavity function

Unread post by Matt Berube » Fri Feb 23, 2007 3:10 pm

I do have TopSolid Mold and that is what I am using to design my mold.

There is a problem that I struggle with though...

When making a single block with multiple cavities I have difficulty getting the result I want. To accomplish what is in this picture I loaded the same "part" 8 times and created parting lines for all of them separately.

I am aware that there is a "multicavity" function in TopSolidMold but I cannot make it work correctly. Either the function is buggy or I am using it incorrectly.

Because of this problem I decided to add "shrink" dirrectly to the part file which I only had to do once instead of 8 times...

I am sure there must be a better way but I am happy to at least achieve the result I need for now.

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multi cavity

Unread post by RICHARD LALONDE » Mon Feb 26, 2007 4:46 pm

I made some mold for some part similar to yours, see attachements and clic on it. The multicavity" function in TopSolidMold should made the work correctly but may be you don't using it incorrectly.

First import the part and put the shrink factor during the importation. When you made your split for one cavity the over all dimension don't have to be too big or too small. Too small it won't attach together and too big the steel of the second cavity will go in the fisrt cavity. You have to be sure it overlap but not to much.

Be careful witch datum is activate before you made the multicavity fonction because now it could transform by translation in X only and you could made a miror or double mirror, but the datum will drive the X direction.

Or the others solution you made a regular duplicate (follow operation) and you unite this as normaly (unite to #8 cavity 1@7) for booleen operation but you have too change the assignation in the mold insert #8 now will have 8 cavity and the original insert #1 and copy 2@7 have too be change to non assign in the mold.

I hope that will be clear enough or you could call me you hve my phone # because that is a little bit complex to explain in all detail.



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