TopSolid AN Airport - AFO

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TopSolid AN Airport - AFO

Unread post by strawberryblur » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:01 pm

TopSolid levels Airport AFO

I started with a sheet of paper and a pencil. First, a simple sketch, a scheme of functionality was created. Then dependencies between zones. The first steps were more a search for shape, interesting geometry, but functional? Because this was not enough, I devoted a lot of time to research. Although actually looking at other implementations in the world, looking for articles, trends, conclusions and people from the environment. The very process necessary to create something from scratch, gave me not only a lot of detailed information on topics that I did not know existed, but also showed an organism that is struggling with problems and is looking for new solutions.

The next days are making notes and drawing conclusions. First sketches of some functionalities and solutions. Finally, the final drawing of my AFO (All From One) airport.

Now I could turn on TopSolid and start modeling. ... owadzenie/
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