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Parasolid error with surface by formula

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:33 pm
by Johan Jonker

I try to make a surface by formula with the following parameters
X(u,v) = 1mm*v
Y(u,v) = when(v*0,2mm*sin(u*1°)>4mm;4mm;when(v*0,2mm*sin(u*1°)<(-4mm);-4mm;v*0,2mm*sin(u*1°)))
Z(u,v) = when(v*0,2mm*cos(u*1°)>4mm;4mm;when(v*0,2mm*cos(u*1°)<(-4mm);-4mm;v*0,2mm*cos(u*1°)))

interval of u (non periodic) 0 to 360
interval of v (non periodic) 10 to 50

I get the error parasolid error: unclassified error.

When I modify the formula vor Z(u,v) and change it into v*0,2mm*cos(u*1°). It sometimes helps but not always.

Can anyone explain what I do wrong?