Who need quantum physics when we have Kinematics in TopSolid.

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Who need quantum physics when we have Kinematics in TopSolid.

Unread post by strawberryblur » Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:44 am

The fashion for wooden horse treadmills, dynamically developed in the 16th century, is now hidden in museums. Being deep underground in the salt mine, or on the surface, this simple mechanism allowed deeper and more efficient expansion of the miners' work range. It facilitated their work and increased efficiency. Two wheels, one of them driving, transmitted the torque to the shaft, on which the hemp rope wound synchronously raised and lowered loads and goods down the shaft.


The Kinematics module in TopSolid is a great prototype. It allows you to create many mechanisms that we use today in the modern world. It opens the "door" for new ideas and solutions. With given parameters and connections of cooperating elements (gears, joints, cams, etc.) - calibration of their operation - it allows tracking of an operating, i.e. a moving mechanism. I give the opportunity to catch erroneous assumptions and avoid many problems when creating a physical prototype.

Look at those examples in movie at:

http://blog.tsintegracje.com/kinematyka ... -zlozenia/
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