Butterfly Hing Design

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Butterfly Hing Design

Unread post by Mark » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:18 pm

I need of technical data on designing a Butterfly Hing in a Snap Top Closure/Flip Top Cap part. (aka Ketchup Lid)
This design consist of a body, hing and lid.
I do have a sample part the molder whats me to duplicate.
The Butterfly Hing seams to be design at 135 deg. or 45 deg from molding position, due to triangular planer thickness at that position.
This is the position the hing snaps it back to.
I'm thinking it needs to be design at the 135 deg position and then moved to the 180 deg for molding.
At the molding position the planer section will be deformed (arched), I'm sure TS can do that.
But will the lid naturally snap back to the 135 deg position after molding closure is actuated to the closed position, ejected and cooled?
The part does show A side push-back pins on the lid, so it is molded at the 180 deg location
This mold will be a 16 cavity, hot manifold/runner, unscrew tool with in mold closing.
Any direction would be most appreciated.

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