MOUSE recommendations

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MOUSE recommendations

Unread post by scottatTS »

What mouse have you found to work well with TS?

I am thinking to move beyond my ordinary MS 3 button wireless mouse to something that will speed up CAD modeling.

Not necessarily looking for one that looks like a jet cockpit (I've seen some fancy mouse with LCD screens and buttons all over! :shock: ), just something that is a definite productivity boost from basic mouse, but easy to learn and use. :)

auxiliary question: Does anyone here do CAD without a keyboard?

i.e. use only a good CAD mouse and perhaps numeric keypad and perhaps a space mouse ?

I'm looking to up our productivity. I've always just used keyboard and simple 3 button MS mouse.
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Re: MOUSE recommendations

Unread post by OneCutSolution »

That is what I'm using and like it alot. It is not a full CAD mouse set up. the Space mouse takes awhile to get use to, but give it a good 3 monthes or more. I do work from a laptop and on the move, so wireless is a must.
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Re: MOUSE recommendations

Unread post by Jason_Scott »

Even better than the standard spacemouse is the Spacemouse pro or the enterprise. It will save you more time than you will think after you set up the keys for different functions.

You will have a month where you hate it then you won't be able to work without it.

My biggest complaint is I don't do well without it and now my left arm is in a sling and I can barely draw without it.
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Re: MOUSE recommendations

Unread post by JuP »


I use every day a Logitech M590. It is a basic pretty mouse but it has a secret... a silent click ! I can't stand click click click all day :mrgreen:

I have it since 3years, 0 problem, probably my best investment ! (30€) :D
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Re: MOUSE recommendations

Unread post by allrad »

Definitely second the spacemouse....But there is a lot of efficiency to be gained with a normal mouse used with or without the spacemouse on the other side.

The three non-standard things I look for with any mouse for CAD is (in order of importance):
-A scroll wheel which can be clicked left and right (mapped to "Esc" and "Enter")
-At least 2 buttons accessed by thumb (mapped to "Ctrl" and "Shift")
-2 buttons next to the primary click button for access with index finger. (mapped to Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V)

I have been using the Logitech G604 for several years now, with fantastic results.
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