Document properties, elements, and LIP

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Document properties, elements, and LIP

Unread post by codycousins » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:18 pm

Recently I've been exploring LIP to automate a few functions in TopSolid. I had some success with exporting a bill of materials to excel thanks to topics on this forum.

Now I'm trying to get the values of document properties as variables in LIP.
For example: File->Properties->General shows a view and a count of elements like $AUTHOR and $CREATION_DATE

Looking at the LIP documentation (out of date as it is) I see functions for GetElementName
and with these two I can put a label like (2,1) on the stack and get the name of the elements above ($AUTHOR) or the designation (AUTHOR)

but theres nothing about getting element values or document properties. I tried a few obvious ones like GetElementValue but no luck.

Here is my code so far (very simple, just testing whether I can retrieve the value and print it)

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1 2 BuildLabelFromIdentifiers GetElementName
Has anyone else tried to do this? Suggestions?

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Unread post by Beco » Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:07 pm

I have 2 suggestions:

The Properties of document are available through TopSolid API - IDocument interface . Instead of writing a LIP script you can write a VB script for Excel.

If some parts of script cannot be done with TopSolid API - from API you can call LIP script.
; )

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Expanded bill of material

Unread post by codycousins » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:38 pm

(Posting a reply to my own topic instead of a new topic)

I'm trying to understand how TopSolid handles database elements like a bill of material, so that I can use LIP to export a formatted BOM to MS Excel.

Right now I am using this code to export a bill of material to excel

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1 UWdoclock
UWgetactiv "$SET" DDOCWnamtolab 1
0 UWdoclock
exceltemplatepath? (empty string) 2 (level) template? (template path) path? (output file path) labs? (labels of set) 1 (include title) 1 (excel worksheet) 1 (item)
output file path and template path strings are specified earlier in the file.

using the above simple macro takes me to this window:
clicking 'expand all' then 'ok' prints an Excel doc with the desired multi-level format, including a line for the assembly. I'd like to eliminate this last step and create the 'expanded' version automatically.

So far I've mostly been beating my head against the wall on this, but have found that TopSolid can create a BOM as a database element (not a table printed in the 3D drawing) and then retrieve its label using this code:

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DDOCWgetcrtid "D_TABLE_ALG_PARTS_BOM" 1 DDOCWeltsbyclass
with the label, the table could be exported to excel or other formats fairly easily. Has anyone else tried to create an expanded, multi-level BOM in the document 'database'? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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Re: Document properties, elements, and LIP

Unread post by Holzknoten » Thu Nov 17, 2016 10:22 am

hi codycousins,

i am standing at the same point like you.
The full automation export of bill of material to excel stops at the window "level choise".
Here i have to expand manually.

Option 1: You can start a VB-Programm that wait for this window and send.keys({ENTER})

Option 2: Inside the BOM-File is a function called "EXPLORE_MULTI_FLAT_PATTERN"
I try this in my BOM-File

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Seems not to work because inside of the BOM Documentation of TopSolid this function is still "in work".
by Holzknoten

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