ansys interface enhancement

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ansys interface enhancement

Unread post by Ariel » Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:59 am

The interface between ansys and TopSolid is very powerfull, but there is just one detail, you can create analisys based on solid and surfaces combined if you defined your geometry as a part in TopSolid'Design, but you can not do it with wireframe geometry.

I think that could be very interesting to choose to export or not 2D geometry from TopSolid combined with surfaces or solids, this is for example when you want to analize a complex structure where you can find mechanical components designed in solids and extruded profiles, for this case is very nice to create a combined mesh based in solid elements and wireframe geometry, the resul will be the same, but the time calculation in some cases will be the half.

Wireframe + Surfaces or wireframe + solids in some specific cases.

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Unread post by Fabrice » Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:59 am


Actually, there is a trick to do something like what you want. It requires you to have ANSYS DesignModeler license.
Just import TopSolid geometry into Workbench, and then, instead of directly creating a new Simulation document, create a Geometry document. Then import CAD geometry into this document. You will have tools to extract easily mid-surfaces from solids, or create beams in associativity with the solid topology...

Then create your Simulation document with this "hand-made" geometry !

Worth a try...
.oOO[... Fabrice ...]OOo.

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