Some suggestions :-)

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Some suggestions :-)

Unread post by Joons » Sat Oct 12, 2013 8:18 pm

-I thought it would be handy if we could activate or deactivate driverparameters by the answer of an already asked parameter. So we can prevent the asking of unnecessary drivers.

-Also I thought it would be good if we had the option not to choose but to select multiple answers of a driver with checkboxes. For example
driver asking: which sides do you want chamfered?
option left: yes
option right: yes
option back: no
option front: yes

all in one driver to select...

-Also for adding materials it would come in handy to use checkboxes instead of radiobuttons. And for the use of thickness id also like to select different parameters instead of only the value, because in some cases, my thickness of different parameters(different matters) is the same.

-Also the existence of remarks at each drawing file that is shown each time you open it would be nice.

-I think the icons are really ugly and unclear to their functions. They are bad rendered, too big and too much detail in a small area. They must be small, so we can have much space to organize them, and not too much color in my opinion.

-I find the managing of edges too complex, I only know of the existence of making unique combinations with the edge type codes. I find that really disturbing as I only use the text of the codification to export to Ardis.

I could come up with some more bottlenecks I find, but lets have a start with these :-).
If Im not correct about some points please correct me.

Kind regards,

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