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parameter suggestion drop-down list

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:22 pm
by quazoosl
To make it more clear what is meant with a parameter and/or expression, it is a good habit to make parameters a bit more expressive than just 1,2, or 3-letter combinations. (good code hardly needs documentation). Currently, this is not so easy, because it is not straightforward which parameters are already in the document, and you'll only find out if typo's are made upon completion.

Getting a list with all the parameters in the document, that start with the letters that are allready typed (selecting with keyboard arrows and autocompleting on hitting [tab]) would be awesome.

Basically like excel does it. If you have parameters like rad_int, rad_ext and rad_moulding. Selecting a dimension would select the entire dimension (including the unit), and upon typing "rad" you would get an alphabetically sorted drop-down list:

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rad_ext (highlighted)
upon needing rad_int hit down Arrow and then [tab]
This can also work inside expressions etc.

No typo's, no wondering if the parameter was already defined or not, and more speed. This is basically how for example Excel (or any decent code editor for that matter) does it.

Re: parameter suggestion drop-down list

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:22 am
by quazoosl
I discovered there is a drop-down menu in the semi-transparant box that appears when you select a dimension. It replaces the entire content of the dimension. This can be used to check the existing names and add them in when you're using just that value.

Although this helps, I think it could be more straightforward.

The process now when adding an existing parameter:
1) add dimension
2) [tab] to select nominal value
3) ctrl+A to select all (incl. "mm") OR 3x[del] to clear all
4) type and hope you've remembered/typed the name of the paramter correctly
1) add dimension
2) [esc]
3) click on dimension
4) check dropdown menu and select value

I think it could be as straightforward as:
1) add dimension
2) type to set value/formula for dimension, and get suggestions as you type like described above

Note: I'm using TSwood, so I don't know how the process works now in TS7