Explanation of Machining Component Wizard

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Explanation of Machining Component Wizard

Unread post by michelle » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:04 pm

Hi there,

I'm working through a tutorial TopSolid.TG.Cam.Tools.v7.10.Us.pdf. On page 11 of this tutorial I am busy stepping through the Tools>Functions>TopSolid CAM Wizards > Machining Component Wizard.. I am currently on the step as shown in the screenshot below.

I don't really understand this step at all. Could anyone refer me to somewhere in the help manual (or anywhere else) where I can read up on Tool Offsets for Center and Tip? If not, these are the settings where I don't understand their use and therefor I am not sure of what to set them to and their resulting implications.

1. "Respect Direction"?
2. "offset 3d" and "offset 2d"?
3. Plane compensation?
4. Point compensation?

5. The difference between "Center" and "Tip"

What I am really wanting is an explanation... however I cannot find anything in the help files. Please if anyone has a thorough understanding of this page could you please enlighten me with an explanation?

Thanks in advance,

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