Record Simulation -- any way to get a smaller file size?

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Record Simulation -- any way to get a smaller file size?

Unread post by John73 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:25 pm

I have an animated assembly that goes through a series of movements (about 2 minutes 45 seconds long). I'm trying to record a video of it.

My first thought was "I want it to look as nice as possible". So, 100% quality.

10-ish minutes later, it's done. Video is 4 GB, way more than I'd like. I want to put this on YouTube and it'll take all day to upload at that size.

"Okay, I can sacrifice some quality. Let's say 70%.

Video looks a little worse, but the file size is still 4 GB.

"Huh. That's weird. The quality slider goes all the way to 0, let's try that."

Video looks horrible. Can't even see some of the smaller parts because of pixellation. File is still 4 GB.

I'm using Microsoft Video 1. That's the only one of the 3 available formats that'll play properly with my VLC player.

Intel IYUV codec videos play, but they're a garbled mess -- the left and right halves are swapped, same for top and bottom.

Uncompressed, videos have the same results and MS Video 1, except I don't get the quality slider.

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