Fixing defects/invalidities after healing?

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Fixing defects/invalidities after healing?

Unread post by michelle » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:32 am

Hello. I ran healing after importing quite a complex .step file. I ended up with the below 3 invalidities as shown in the first screenshot below. I right clicked "Invalidity 3" and select "clean". That fixed it and now I am left with 2 invalidities. The second screenshot shows these in more detail (they appear to be on top of each other).

Q1: Since I don't need to machine where these defects are, can I just ignore them and proceed as usual?

Q2: I don't like having defects in my entity tree. Again, since this is not a place I even machine can I just delete the invalidities? (Right click invalidity > Delete)

Q3: If this were a place where I need to machine - could anyone suggest how I go about "fixing" the remaining 2 Invalidities?
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