Extruding on envelope surface of a cylindeer

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Extruding on envelope surface of a cylindeer

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i have some dificulties with extruding on lateral surface of a cylinder:
Screenshot 2021-06-23 155521.png
I am able to roll up a 2D-sketch onto a cylindrical surface but problems start as soon as i want to pocket extrude the wound up profile as it is a 3D-sketch.

A normal extrsuion followed by a boolean subraction would be possible, but i cannot match the the axis of extrusion to the perpendicular axis of the envelope. Even i i managed to do so then the result would not be accurate, as there has to be a taper on all surfaces of the extrusion that are - also just partially - in line with the cylinder axis.
Screenshot 2021-06-23 154915.png
When i try to shape the envelope-cutout with the perpendicular-surface-opration onto the lateral surface of the cylinder i get an error.
Screenshot 2021-06-23 154749.png
Can anyone help please
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Re: Extruding on envelope surface of a cylindeer

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Hello Alexander,
I believe you need to create an 3D Sketch using "Other operations" > "Rolling up Wizard " to wrap contour around your surface.
After that you will need (I think) to create a new surface normal to a surface of your product.
Beware of eventual error messages.
In version 7.15 there was an error that should be fixed but I did not try again yet.
Anyway, it is possible to walk around this error "seeding" or smoothing you wrapped curve to a larger number of points. This in 7.15.
In version 7.14 I have done without any errors.
For a center milling or slot machining I think it is going to be enough.
When designing a driving slot, I use a perpendicular surface which I thicken and subtract from main solid.
I hope this helps. Best regards.
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