How do I derive Parameters from other documents

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How do I derive Parameters from other documents

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I have an issue with parametrers in documents- i have not found a way yet to hand-through prarameters from one document to another.

So e.g. in CAM when putting together a tool with a toolholder and an endmill I want the assembly document to take over the addition part number from the endmill partdocument - as this is where i define the name that has to be used for the postprocessor.

Or: I create a draft from a part I modelled and i want the material name to be shown in the title block in a table field. But as it is a parameter that is not in the draft or in the view I cannot select this from the list of parameters (only project parameters and document parameters).

How can i access these parameters? Is there a universal parameter lsit available with als system parameters?

Thanks for the support.
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