How to do a post with Pictures

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How to do a post with Pictures

Unread post by Bill » Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:55 pm


Recently someone asked me how to do a post with pictures. There are two main methods for this. They are:

- As an attachment
- As an embedded object

The attachment is easy to use. Just click on the "Add an Attachment" button located in the section just below the editor. I have added an attachment to this post of a screen showing where you will find this button.

Please note that there are some file size limits on attachments. You can find these limits by clicking on the "allowed extensions and sizes" link in the Add an Attachment area. Or I have included the link here.

The other method is to embed the image. Please note that to use this method, your image must be hosted on a publicly accessible website. And that you must include the full path to that image. Here's how it works. You need to add the following code exactly as seen below:


Be sure to use the open and close brackets on each instance of the img call.

And be sure to use a / on the last img call as seen in the sample.

Now just replace "YOUR URL" with the url of your image.

For example, following is the URL for the image on the header of my website. ... er_v19.png

I will insert it between the img calls next and you should now see the embedded image.


Hopefully this information helps you all do a better job posting on this forum.

PS. Looking for videos & tutorials on TopSolid 7? Check out
add attachment.jpg
Open this attachement to see how to add attachments
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