TopSolid PDM installation...

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TopSolid PDM installation...

Unread post by frankm » Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:18 pm

Hi @ all,

has anybody installed TS PDM using a floating license server? we had some problems during the installation because the programm is searching for a top.cod file, but all our licenses are coming from this server.

the informations and helps for the installation of the oracle-server and the software are very poor, we couldn´t find any documentation for it.

At least we didn´t install the feature, but that wasn´t the solution we are looking for... :cry:

any suggests from the community?

greetings from germany


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Unread post by Shura » Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:53 pm

Hi frankm.

With TopSolid'PDM you need to define your connection to the floating licence in the top.cod file, not in the shortcut like TopSolid usually uses.

How to do that is easy.
First in the shortcut of TopSolid there should be "-f<code>", you take the <code> part and put it in your top.cod file.
If during TopSolid'PDM installation you specified a correct path for the top.cod file, so you will be able to launch TopSolid'PDM.

Hope that answered your problem.

Have a nice day.


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