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Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:10 pm
by combabois

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:39 am
by Ariel
TopSolid'WoodCam is a wonderfull aplicattion, the current problem is the way for part positioning, takes some time, in the future should be more automatic, but the associativity with TopSolid'Wood design is amazing.

The software is new, but will be very powerfull, it is very automatic in 2D cycles creation and feature analisys, I repeat the problem is just in part positioning.



Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:06 pm
by Pieter
Hello Ariel,

What do you mean?
You can automaticaly position (and machine and process) every part of an assembly in Batch (Wood -> Multi-machining).

Best regards


Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 6:50 pm
by Ariel
Hello Pieter,

I know the function and this is a great improvement compared with previous versions, we started with TS'WoodCam 6.6 in Chile, but the problem for me is that you have to define each part, you have to asign one reference face to each part, you have to define what is the station for each part and TS'WoodCam will generate one file for each part that you want to cut from the rough or stock. When I have an assembly with 20 different wood parts, I will have in automatic mode 20 *.woo files, why not 10 *.woo files with 2 parts in the machine, one in the left station and one in the second station, if we want that we have to do it manually.

If you want to do a program with 2 different parts, you have to define one part, after the second part, to asign one station in the machine (rigth and left) for each part and then to apply the analisys.

I think that this process could be quicker, I am agree with you that compared with older version, this is a big improvement, but could be faster and easier.

TS'WoodCam is very powerfull, it is not strange because is based on TS'Cam arquitecture and there is a lot of automatic operations, but I think that the part positioning could be better in the future. That's all

It is clear?

thanks for your comments, best regards from the south of the world!!