invalid positioning after inserting in subset

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invalid positioning after inserting in subset

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Another day, another question :)

We mostly design custom furniture and various accessories. In the early stages of the design process, the parts of a new subassembly are not organized into subsets but the subassembly itself is inserted, adjusted and, most important, constrained into the final assembly.

After the modeling of the parts is finished, they are grouped in various subsets, to keep the tree clean and more organized.
That is the moment when the constraints from the final assembly, which depends of geometries moved in subsets in the subassembly, becomes invalid and must be redefined, one by one.

Why do the parts somehow change after they are inserted in subsets? Is there a way to avoid this problem?

initial subassembly (just an example): part is not inserted in subset and the subassembly is well constrained in the final assembly

sertar ok, inainte de subset.jpg

final subassembly: part is inserted in subset but invalid constraints occurs in the final assembly

sertar ko, dupa subset.jpg
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