Shaped cabinets

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Shaped cabinets

Unread post by Jason_Scott »

I have a question about the process others are using for shaped cabinets such as lazy suzan cabinets or an ened cabinet with a clipped corner.
I wonder if you like desinging them inside a driver block even though they are not square or just placing the unit into your design complete.

I would love to see if there is an easier way then I am doing now. I have been placing them in the drawing manually not using a driver block.

Thanks in advance.
Jason Scott
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Re: Shaped cabinets

Unread post by RaudMees »

Hi Jason

I made that unit into driver block. I don't any sample available, but:
1) make regular driver block and add parameters for left and right side depth.
2) for example, corner unit is 900x900 and side depth is 570. Then one open corner will be "empty"
3) create parts as needed and when You need corner cut always 45°, then show that angle somewhere to avoid other angles later.
4) put driver block into project and add sides depth. (driver block face is on the left or right, depends on which side You will use that unit).

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Re: Shaped cabinets

Unread post by CAD_73 »

I use driver points:
Also driver blocks like this:
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