How to link parameters to Excel,add codification on mitre...

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How to link parameters to Excel,add codification on mitre...

Unread post by Joons » Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:35 am

Hello all

I am pretty new to TopSolid. But while working I was in the need for some functions and now I hope you can help me to get these used in TopSolid v6.15.

Is it possible to add a codification to an edge of a part, so it comes in the BOM like an edge, but without using the edge function? I would like to use this for mitre and other operations that are needed in our workshop.
Ok, for some i could just use an edge, but it is impossible to add an edge if there is made an mitre on the edge of the part.

Also I would like to know if it is possible to have a central (maybe Excel) document with the parametervalues and names for multiple top-documents.
So I can adjust the parametervalue in the central excel document and it automatically adjusts in all the documents (as for the linked Excel Table in draft but for parameters in top documents)
I know I can link an Excel file but I have to manually import the file each time I open my top-document, which again costs me too much time to reopen each drawing.

Is it possible to link a maximum length and width for a kind of material? So if I exceed the limit, I get a warning message or something?

Is there a way I can configure the materials for multiple files at once, as for the CAM or draft printing way ?

I hope now with the new forum my questions will be answered. TopSolid is a really great concept, but as for my work if I have to adjust the parameters and materials for each apart drawing from a same project, it costs me a lot of time.
I can not understand how functions like these are not included after all these years. Also I think there is much more to do with the parameters. Like deactivating the driver-setting for a parameter depending on the answer of a previous driver, so no unneeded questions are asked.

Thank you in advance for responding!
Kind regards


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Re: How to link parameters to Excel,add codification on mitr

Unread post by jacs » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:33 am

Hi Jonas,
Thanks for posting your questions.
Shall I suggest that you maybe separate your message in several posts so each of the question/topic can be answered separately?
I am not familiar with TopSolid Wood yet but I'm sure someone can answer some of your concerns and I think you will have more chances to get answers if your posts are dedicated to just one question at a time.


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Re: How to link parameters to Excel,add codification on mitr

Unread post by remi77 » Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:55 am


Thanks to create one topics per problem :wink:

See you

Remi :wink:
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