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Tool compensation.

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:09 pm
by crervear
Tool compensation.

He was making a chamfer in one piece, but when generating the file to the machine, I threw a T23, a H99 and D99.
How to be the problem?
never happened before, these occurred when using a tool ring for 2D operations admitting flat tools, but never happened chamfer.

"N16740 M9
N16741 M6 T23
N16742 M3 S4000
N16743 G0 X-290.786 Y-.5
N16744 G43 Z11. H99 M8
N16745 Z4.
N16746 G1 Z2. F1000
N16747 G41 X-287.411 Y-6.346 D99 F400
N16748 G3 X-284.036 Y-.5 R6.75
N16749 G1 Y136.
N16750 X-235.502
N16751 G2 X-227.34 Y131.361 R9.5
N16752 G3 X-207.491 Y120.081 R23.102
N16753 G1 X-157.193
N16754 G3 X-137.344 Y131.361 R23.102
N16755 G2 X-129.182 Y136. R9.5
N16756 G1 X29.7
N16757 G2 X37.862 Y131.361 R9.5
N16758 G3 X57.711 Y120.081 R23.102
N16759 G1 X108.01
N16760 G3 X127.858 Y131.361 R23.102
N16761 G2 X136.02 Y136. R9.5
N16762 G1 X284.036
N16763 Y-136.
N16764 X-284.036
N16765 Y.5
N16766 G3 X-287.411 Y6.346 R6.75
N16767 G1 G40 X-290.786 Y.5
N16768 G0 Z109.
N16769 M9
N16770 M30