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[Solved] TopSolid Newbie - Can you explain me this?

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:48 pm
by DSantos
Hi folks,

I'm new into the TopSolid world, working with the V6.12 CAM module mostly...

I have a background in other CAM tools, but there is a funcionality in TopSolid that I admit I didn't get yet, and the help documentation does not make it clear either... I noticed the help pages are interactive and allow you to click on the screenshots for further help, but when I did it for this one, all I got was the generic cutter compensation explanation page, and nothing related to these particular fields I show below.

I want to understand what it's the purpose and a real life example of usage for the fields for max. diameter and max. radius for cutter compensation in both milling and turning toolpaths. I have no idea about what they do... never saw this in other CAM systems, as far as I know...

Can someone chime in and explain this to me?

Thank you very much!!!


Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:30 pm
by Bill
To the best of my knowledge this is used to be able to put a larger radius into the an inside corner. See the included pictures.

In Pic1.jpg I left it at the diameter of the cutter. In pic2.jpb I added a larger value. I went from .375in to 1.0in or 9.525mm to 25.4mm. As you can see it increased the corner radius.

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:39 pm
by DSantos
Hi Bill!

Thanks for the explanation!!! I can see the value of it now...

However, I think the text on the dialog does not help the user to figure it out... "Max. diameter compensation" suggests a different thing in my humble opinion... in fact this functionality is like "Min. arc radius to compensate" - Does that make sense?

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:41 pm
by Bill
To my understanding...I believe you are correct!