TopSolid'Forum Rules: Read this before posting!

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TopSolid'Forum Rules: Read this before posting!

Unread post by D@vid » Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:55 am

The purpose of the TopSolid'Forum:

1. To discuss about designing, drafting, machining, and administration of TopSolid and all TopSolid modules: TopSolid'Design, TopSolid'Draft, TopSolid'Mold, TopSolid'Cam, etc.
2. To share ideas, information, and specific experience regarding the use of TopSolid.
3. To discuss enhancements concerning TopSolid products.
4. To educate and inform others about the strengths, weaknesses, and general usage of TopSolid products.

Rules of Etiquette within the TopSolid'Forum:

1. Post your messages to the appropriate group.
2. Do not cross post messages to multiple groups.
3. Be descriptive and provide complete information when posting to the groups. For example include the product version and computer-related information (i.e., operating system, etc.).
4. Treat others in the group professionally and courteously.
5. Do not post flames or personal attacks to other users.
6. Always try to be constructive and helpful to others within the groups.
7. Write as you would within a letter using upper and lower case as appropriate.
8. Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and tone.
9. Always discuss and treat people within the group as you would in person.
10. Ask for clarification, or suggest corrections gently -- via mail. Remember that people make mistakes, and so do you.
11. If you're truly angry, take a break before responding and get some perspective. It is difficult to convey emotions via an electronic medium. Your message can easily be misconstrued by the others within the group.

TopSolid'Forum Policies:

1. To post a message you must create an account and login, which is restricted to customers by a password. Contact your VAR to get it if you don't know it.
2. Discussion on comparisons between TopSolid and other CAD/CAM systems should not be held in these forums.
3. Missler Software reserves the right to remove offensive or non-constructive posts at its sole discretion.
4. Messages should be posted in a professional, polite manner as to not purposely offend or insult another person.
5. Messages that contain personal attacks, profanity, or advocate software piracy will be removed.
6. Advertising, off-topics posts, or spam will be removed.
7. Do not post personal e-mail or any other copyright protected documents or information.
8. Any user that continues to violate this charter or the terms of use can be removed from the discussion groups at the sole discretion of Missler Software.
9. If any questions, contact the administrator

TopSolid'Forum Administrator