Video: How to create you own bum map in TopSolid 7

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Video: How to create you own bum map in TopSolid 7

Unread post by Daniel » Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:12 am

Here´s a video a did a while back about how to create your won bump map in TopSolid 7.

The video shows how to transform your own picture in Photoshop, creating a plain texture and bump texture in TS7 and then adding them to a Material or coating. Then applying it to your geoemtry, adding a light and render.

Remember that you don´t have to do a render to get the best of a bump map, you can just switch to "realistic render mode" and you can enjoy your new bump map.

To read the full post on TopSolidBlog you can find it here:
Daniel Norée

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