TopSolid'Castor real Evolution?

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TopSolid'Castor real Evolution?

Unread post by Ariel » Thu Mar 22, 2007 6:53 pm

We have a lot of experience with TopSolid'Castor and there is not real evolution in 5 years, just the function Mesh was automatized. This function is important in the pre procesing, but not for the results and the quality of the analisys, I think that one of the main problems in TopSolid'Castor is the poor management of assemblies. I think that today for complex analisys the best way is to use the interface between TopSolid and Ansys, this is great and the software is amazing.

TopSolid'Castor is developed for CETIm, not for Missler, for this reason there is a lot of difference in the evolution of the software, in all the modules you can see a lot of improvements every year, but with Castor....

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Unread post by alexvass » Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:25 pm

I have the same opinion for TopCastor. I have supply some of my customers with this module, and all of us are really unhappy. The problem in Greece (which is my target market) is that Ansys has already 2 distributors that supplies Cad systems. So is really difficult to trust this situation and make an offer to the customer with TopSolid + Ansys for example. I think the best way is to buy Ansys directly from Missler. That will be a solution to the problem i see.
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