Reding material from catalogue code

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Reding material from catalogue code

Post by DamianCz » Thu May 03, 2018 11:37 am

Hi Gents,

I need to read material from catalogue code i got 3 part component and the reason i need this is that 1 of the component does pocket operation on the other so replacing it with new file is not an option as the operation is gone (i tried it already).

1st sub component (driver block)
- shape
- 2nd sub component (driver block)
- pocket operation
3rd sub component (driver block)

main file (driver block)
- 1&2&3 sub components put together
- publishing defined
- component parameters joined between them

I believe i should use "$material" but i don't know how to put material destination in there. Any suggestions how to do that?


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