Info: How to move your local PDM

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Info: How to move your local PDM

Post by michelle » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:15 am

Hi there, This took me a while to figure out so I thought it may be useful to someone else. In my case, TopSolid automatically created my local PDM on my H: drive which is actually a location on the company Server. For performance reasons I needed to move my PDM back to my local computer, that is to my C:\ drive

1. Read the attached screenshot of the helpfile for a general understanding
2. Copy your existing TopSolidPDM folder which you want to move to the NEW location (in my case my to my C: drive)
3. Only then go to TopSolid Button > PDM > Configure local PDM
4. In "Local PDM Data location" (mine was set to H:\TopSolidPdm\Local 7.11) I set this to C:\TopSolidPdm\Local 7.11
5. "Data are going to be saved. Local PDM is going to be restarted" -----> click OK
6. Check your Vault was also moved: TopSolid Button >PDM >Vaults > click "modify" > the Location should be that of your NEW location
7. Rather than going ahead and deleting my old H:\TopSolidPdm folder... to be on the safe side I renamed it to H:\TopSolidPdm_delete_soon so that I know TopSolid won't be using it. After a day of using TopSolid with no incident and opening previous projects, I'll go ahead and delete this folder.


The key for me is that I had to manually copy and paste my existing TopsolidPDM folder into the new location BEFORE anything else. Initially I started at step 3 and then got all sorts of errors about a workspace not being found etc.

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